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Like a child on Christmas Eve, we are so excited to launch our first ever charity benefiting Christmas Eve Box!

This year for Christmas 2019, in what we believe to be the first of its kind initiative, we’ve teamed up with local charity Whiteleys Retreat to offer the families of Ayrshire the first box in what we hope is an enduring tradition. The Festive Penguin One More Sleep box cost just £3.00 and comes with an official Santa Nice List Certificate, both of which can be personalised with the recipient’s child’s name,

What’s even more amazing is that thanks to the generosity of Ayr Central picking up the cost of the producing the boxes, 100% of the sales will go to support the charity. in doing the amazing work by providing free therapeutic short breaks here in Ayrshire for children, young people and their families with cancer and life-altering illnesses.

“It’s a double reward, by buying, filling and giving the box to a child you’re creating cherished family memories and at the same time, you’re helping Whiteleys Retreat offer an environment for the families it helps to create cherished memories too! “

The Whiteleys Volunteer Team are on-site every weekend at Ayr Central on the run-up to Christmas with boxes for you to buy but hurry it’s a limited release and when they’re gone they’re gone…

What should I put in a Christmas Eve box?

The most popular inclusions are;




Sweet treats,
from hot chocolate to marshmallows

By why stop there, we say Christmas Eve boxes for all!

A potted history of the Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve box arrived on our shores a few years ago and in 2019 it’s bigger and better than ever. Hang on we hear some of you say what is a Christmas Eve box? It’s a box of gifts slanted towards spending family time together, given usually to children on yes you guessed it on 24th December! It seems to have been imported to the UK as a combination of the European tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve and a way of calming over-excited children – think of it as early Christmas stocking.

Since 2016, it’s been gaining momentum, if you go online and check any parenting blog they are awash with discussions about what should and shouldn’t go in, what kind of box to use when in the day to give it, and on it goes…

You could see the boxes as adding unnecessary expense and extra work in an already stressed Christmas calendar, but here at Ayr Central we see it as a way to spend time together and treat each other to a few goodies and essential items that would have been bought anyway! That’s why we’ve made it part of the 2019 charity programme.

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